Public Housing Projects

We've completed a number of successful public housing projects, using the most reliable contractors, partners and materials in each and every project we undertake. This includes Reliable Wood Products for the best top soil and mulch available, DuMor Site Furnishings for sturdy safe benches along the walkways. We purchase the finest materials for shelter construction from companies like JDM Materials Co., Central Fiber and Permaloc. We consult with and employ the likes of North American Green and Western Excelsior for all landfill projects associated with construction. For commercial buildings and apartment complex projects we partner with companies like Quinton Nursery and Tuckahoe Nurseries, Inc. Dun-Rite Sand & Gravel Co. provides us with excellent materials and services as well. When laying sod, we only use the best, most durable sod which we acquire from partners like Jade Run Turf and Sod Farm. To finish the landscaping, we only use shrubs and plantings from renowned companies like Quinton Nursery and Tuckahoe Nurseries, Inc.

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